The following booking conditions form the basis of the contract between High Trails (“we”, “us”, “our”) and your company, group, organisation (“you”, “your”) and your clients.

By asking us to confirm a booking with you we are entitled to assume that you have read and agreed to these conditions.

High Trails is a business to business / business to group, tour operator organising all or part of the local logistics for your group. These elements could be transport, accommodation, food, guides, equipment hire, organising activities, briefings and information. Pre-trip we communicate with your company representative and you in turn will communicate with your clients. On trip, depending on the itinerary and services arranged, we will communicate directly with your clients through our guides and representatives.

High Trails may use the services of other local suppliers for some aspects of the service provided.

1. To make or design a trip / make a booking

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Travel arrangements

All our tours are land only and do not include flights.

3. Deposit. Trip confirmation. Late bookers. Cancellations and charges

Depending on the trip, its logistics and the number of clients, it is usually necessary for you to give a final confirmation of the trip, supply a rooming list and pay a deposit 12 weeks prior to departure. From this point late bookers will need to be requested and confirmed on a case by case basis. Full payment is due 3 weeks before departure. By prior arrangement there can be a 3rd final payment after departure that covers sundry or emergency expenses made by us on your behalf. Once payment has been made it is not normally possible to refund money and it falls to the clients’ individual travel insurance to compensate for any late cancellations.

A per person grid of prices is quoted pre-trip for the itinerary designed. In the case that a cancellation by a client or group of clients changes the per person cost for the remaining clients then the new, possibly more expensive, smaller group size cost will be charged.

Exceptional cancellation charges may also be charged if pre-organised staff, guides, services or equipment has already been contracted in and confirmed.

4. The price quoted – surcharge/refund

We will quote for the price per customer and identify clearly what is included in that price. If pre-trip a change forces an increase (or decrease) in price these extra costs/savings may be passed to you and extra payment may be necessary.

On trip, due to poor weather, unavoidable delays or any other factors, extra transfers, accommodation or any other services may be needed at short notice and these extra costs will require prompt payment by you, or your group representative, or the clients. Although we may pay the extra costs at the time you will be liable, or your clients will be liable, to cover these costs.  Such costs could be

  • supplementary transfers, accommodation, food or any other costs due to flight or any other delay.
  • supplementary transfers, accommodation, food or any other costs due to itinerary changes forced on us by poor weather or any other on the ground change.
  • supplementary transfers, accommodation, food or any other costs due to a member or members of the group who are not able for whatever reason to continue the trip, even if it is High Trails who says that the client is unable to continue.

5. Client suitability, health and equipment.

It is essential that information we give you about the trip, the day by day itinerary, the minimum client requirements regarding equipment, fitness, skills and experience and our conditions and limitations where relevant, are communicated pre-trip to your clients by you.

Our trips are designed on the assumption that all the clients will be both physically and mentally able to complete the itinerary with no extra or special attention or help. It is necessary for the client to understand and tell you and us pre-trip if they feel there are any aspects about themselves that may jeopardise their ability to complete the itinerary in a reasonable time or if they will require any other supplementary help from either the leaders or other clients.  

We reserve the right to not escort any individual or group that, in the leader’s professional opinion, lacks the appropriate behaviour, fitness, ability or equipment and/or is likely to affect the safety or well-being of any member of the group, or cause damage or threaten the likelihood that the itinerary will be completed for either the individual or the rest of the group in a reasonable time. If we decide a client is unable to continue with the itinerary for any of the aforementioned reasons, the client will be left in a safe place and given clear instructions to make their own way to the next night’s accommodation alone and at their own expense. If we are required to supply taxis, extra accommodation, food or any other services for them then all these extra expenses will fall to the client or you. 

We will be available pre-sale to answer any questions or concerns or provide any further clarification or detail about the itinerary so as to ensure the clients are properly informed.

The activities on our trip may well require a certain level of equipment (good quality walking boots, water proof clothing etc.) and we will provide you a list of these requirements pre-sale. If a client does not have adequate equipment then they will either have to purchase the equipment locally or they may not be allowed to continue. It is at the leader’s discretion, depending on the conditions of the day, what equipment is needed.

6. Travel insurance

It is a requirement that your clients have adequate travel insurance that covers them for rescue (including helicopter rescue), medical attention and repatriation for the activities and altitude stated in the itinerary, including any optional activities they may wish to try.

We will require details of the clients insurance policy on day one of the trip (policy number and emergency contact number). Any client that does not have adequate insurance, or proof of scope of insurance, will need to purchase a suitable insurance before they continue with the itinerary. The most likely scenario is that the client has an annual insurance, perhaps through their credit card or similar, that does not cover them for the activities or altitude on the trip or helicopter rescue.

It is recommended that the clients start their insurance when they pay their deposit and their insurance includes cover for monies lost due to cancellation in the case that they cannot travel.

7. Public and product liability insurance

It is a requirement that you, as the principle selling the trip to the clients, have adequate public and product liability insurance. In all cases, when clients are making a claim, you and your insurance will process that claim.  High Trails and our insurance will only be called on after the conclusion of the claim and only when it has been shown that we have acted with a less than reasonable level of care, skill and attention. 

If you are private group with no public or product liability insurance then please declare this when making contact.

8. Special requests

No agreement to a special request is confirmed unless we have supplied confirmation of this in writing and made an appropriate charge. The individual client also needs to have written confirmation of the acceptance of this request.

Special requests made on trip will be taken on a case by case basis and it will fall to the client themselves to pay the supplement where necessary.

Catering requests need to be advised pre-sale. We will try our best but depending on the trip, and the suppliers that make up that trip, we may not be able to cater for vegans or other allergies, and where we do the food that we provide although adequate may fall short of what is deemed ideal by a client.

9. The itinerary and personal risk

Your trip will be risk assessed. We work to high standards but you and your clients must accept that there is always going to be a certain amount of risk involved in adventure travel and this may result in injury or even death. 

Any client who chooses to walk outside of the itinerary will be solely responsible for their own actions and High Trails or any guide or supplier working with us cannot be held responsible for the client’s actions or later claim. In cases where the itinerary needs to change then High Trails or our representatives will have final say in what the change will be.

On self-guided holidays the clients are fully responsible for their own actions. We provide route notes but this does not replace map reading skills and good judgement. We cannot be held responsible for any choices a client makes while on trip.  

Your failure to communicate clearly with clients pre-trip, regarding the scope of the service we offer, and any complaints or claims thereafter will fall as your liability.

10. Our guides

On trekking trips, we employ qualified leaders and guides. Their principle goal is to keep the group safe, follow and complete the itinerary and ensure that everyone is having the best time possible. Our guides authority is final and both clients and other tour leaders on trip are obliged to listen to and comply with our leader’s instructions. Failing to do so means that we are no longer in control and therefore no longer liable for later complaints or claims.

11. Your guides

You may wish to supply a tour leader of your own. In cases where the trip is being co-led by one of our qualified guides, then our guide will have the highest authority and will take responsibility. It is essential that your guide does not brief the clients with information about to the itinerary or safety measures that is contrary to what our guide is saying. Any omission in information is equally serious. In the case that your guide has not fulfilled his/her role adequately then you and your guide will be held responsible for any later complaint or claim.

12. Changes to a confirmed trip

If it is possible to make the changes you request we will pass on the extra costs of these changes. Changes in dates will be considered as cancellation and cancellation charges will be applied.

13. Forced alterations to the itinerary.

Changes to the itinerary may be forced upon us by factors outside of our control. Usually these changes are minor and can be easy worked around. If there are extra costs due then extra payment may be needed. 

Other changes may come under “force majeure” which is any event that cannot reasonably be predicted and with all due care and attention foreseen or avoided.  Such events may be war, riot, industrial disputes, natural disasters, outbreak of serious disease, weather, fire, flood, etc. 

Unfortunately, in either of these situations, we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation for loss or cancellation of service. 

14. Client information needed, privacy and general data protection regulations

We will need the clients name, age, sex, passport details, nationality, arrival details and travel insurance details as well as dietary requirements and serious allergies. Client phone numbers are useful but not essential.

Medical information can be disclosed by the client as they wish. Please see condition 5.

All client information we receive will be stored on a password protected computer or phone. Any client information printed will be kept in a non-transparent folder and only available to the group leaders or essential personnel. Essential information only will be sent to hotels, transfer companies etc. At the end of the trip all client information will be disposed of appropriately.

No client information will be used, given away or sold by us for marketing or any other purpose other than what is needed to run the trip.

Photos taken on trip may be used in publicity and future advertising.

15. Under 18’s

All our trips are designed for adults over the age of 18. Any younger members need to be declared to us pre-sale.

16. Our Liability to you

In accordance to the UK Package travel regulations 2018, the itinerary agreed pre-sale represents, in tandem with these terms and conditions, our contract to you and your clients.

We take responsibility to operate the trip to the standards and layout of the agreed itinerary, see condition 13, and we will do this with reasonable skill, care and attention.

Trips are risk assessed and we will work to what are high industry standards with safety being our paramount concern.  In cases where there are short falls and failings then we will take responsibility when we have been shown not to have used reasonable skill, care and attention. Please note it is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill, care or attention has not be used if you wish to make a claim against us.

We will not be responsible for any loss from

  • your acts or omissions
  • the acts or omissions of a third party not connected with the provision of your trip and which were unforeseen or unavoidable
  • force majeure

We cannot be responsible for any service that is not part of the contract. These include any services that the are supplied optionally on trip from another supplier that the client decided to part take in.

17. Conditions of suppliers.

Suppliers, including transport operators, provide their services in accordance with their own terms and conditions and these terms and conditions may exclude their liability to you.

18. Client behaviour and damage

Illegal drug use and excessive alcohol consumption is forbidden on our trips. Abusive, noisy or antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to charge a client for any damage caused to property or possessions that would not reasonably fall into wear or tear or unavoidable accident.

19. Passport and visa requirements

These will change depending on where your clients are coming from and it falls to you to ensure that your clients are adequately informed.

20. Complaints

If you or your clients have complaints then they must be brought to our attention at the time giving us the opportunity to fix or correct the problem on trip. If you fail to do this then we cannot be held liable for compensation. If we are unable to resolve a complaint on trip then you have 21 days to write to us from the end of the trip. We can only be liable for events which it can be reasonably demonstrated that we have control.  

21. Contract law

We both agree that English Law (and no other) will apply to your contract.

22. Financial security

Any money that you pay to us prior to departure will be held aside for payments for your trip only. Any payments or profit taken by High Trails outside of the direct running costs of your trip will only be taken after the trip has ended.

23. Overseas standards

Standards are different abroad and the countries we operate in will match European and Swiss standards.  Often differences will be small, such as different cuisine, size of rooms etc, but it is still important to realise that reality may fall short of expectations for some. We will endeavour to predict and forewarn as well as understand and manage for differences as much as reasonably possible, but ultimately, we cannot be held liable where normal local standards are not viewed as adequate by your clients.

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