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Treks, Challenges & Excursions

High Trails organises trekking holidays, challenges and excursions for travel companies, charities and corporations looking for on the ground, operational and logistical assistance for their groups.

We do not sell directly to the public so you will not have seen our adverts in the press.

Our expertise is in running small group holidays from 8 to 12 clients, however it is not uncommon for us to run groups of 24 or more clients with several guides. We also have itineraries for large scale events of 50 or more participants right up to groups of 700.

If you have a product that is different from the trips we currently operate then we will adapt our services to suit you.

Product development

If you need a product developed then we will work with you to design trips that will sit in line with your company's branding, image, client expectation and budget.

We can provide photographs and detailed route information to help with marketing. All our trips are risk assessed and operate to the highest standards

On trip branding

When running your trips, we wear your company's branding i.e. t-shirts and jackets and use or display any other branding material you wish such as brochures, fliers, clipboards and so on.

We train our leaders to have a background knowledge of your company ensuring they are able to talk to your clients about your history and values as well as other products you sell, either locally or worldwide.


We can provide;

  • Booking and payment of all local accommodation and transport.

  • Baggage transfers

  • Equipment needed.

  • Staff and Crew. UIMLA certified IML trek leaders, group leaders, support crew, meet and greet representatives, base management support and a 24/7 contact number.


We aim to deliver a consistently high level of quality regardless of the number or type of trips we operate. We work only with trusted local suppliers that always deliver excellent service and represent good value.

We train and guide our leaders and crew to ensure they all stay at the top of their game.


Taking all factors into account, we believe that using our services will prove to be the most economical way for your company to run trips in the Alps.

We understand that your products must be priced competitively both in comparison to other trips in your portfolio, as well as those offered by your competitors, in order to become great sellers.

We will work with you to provide the best possible trip at the right price.

Responsible tourism

We strive to run all holidays in a fair and responsible manner. We do all that is possible to ensure that supplies are bought locally and that the local community benefits from your visit.

Furthermore, we train our leaders and ask our clients to behave responsibly and to respect the environment at large, ensuring that it is not damaged, eroded or polluted by our presence.

Getting it right for you

If you think that we can help you to run trips in the Alps please email or phone and allow us to draw up a proposal. For us every client is different and our goal is to get it right, not just the first time but every time, and not just this year but for many years to come. We are looking forward to working with you.