The Eiger and the Bernese Oberland

46°37’41.06”N, 8°03’46.27”E
The nord face of the Eiger 3967m

This is quintessential Switzerland

The north face of Eiger is one of the world’s toughest climbs, synonymous with sheer cliffs and extreme conditions. However, is also the most stunning backdrop to the Bernese Oberland, a wonderfully green and lush rolling landscape filled with glaciated peaks, flower-filled meadows and copper blue lakes.

This is quintessential Switzerland; a beautiful area for scenic hikes, dramatic views, and wild flowers. It is also a great hub for activities with paragliding, mountain scooters and zip lines as some of the favorites. Visiting the Jungfraujoch 3466m is an unforgettable experience with easy access onto the glacier and is reached by a cog railway that spirals up inside the Eiger itself.

Trekking below the Eiger

The area is staggeringly beautiful and fortunately the trekking is diverse and suited to all levels. There are many balcony paths that contour around the mountainsides, all easily accessed by a network of cable cars and cog railways.

For those looking for a challenge there are plenty of steeper treks and peaks available. The area is also a great destination for activity and discovery clients with lots to see and do.

Bernese Oberland Traverse

The Bernese Oberland is the complete Alpine trekking destination. It has everything on offer; rolling green meadows, jagged cliffs and ridges topped with brilliant white glaciers and huge sheer valleys with tumbling waterfalls that disperse to a mist before reaching the bottom.

One of the best ways to see the area is by following the Bernese Overland Traverse, a multi-day hike contouring the spine of the Bernese Alps, a rewarding and enjoyable traverse of Switzerland’s finest mountains.

Getting it right for you

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